Shielded is a term often used in the world of electronics and cables. It means that a device or cable is protected against external interference. This can range from electromagnetic interference to noise and other disturbances.

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Typically, products such as network cables, HDMI cables, USB cables, and audio cables fall into this category. These cables are essential for transferring signals between devices and so must be free of interference to provide optimum performance.

Shielding is an important property for cables used in environments where many electronic devices are present, such as offices, hospitals and data centers. It's also important for home use, especially if there are many devices around that can cause interference, such as routers, wireless speakers, and other electronics.

An example of a product that falls into this category is the shielded CAT6 network cable. This cable is designed to deliver high speeds and is fully shielded to prevent interference. This makes it ideal for use in offices and other environments where many devices are present.

Another example is the shielded HDMI cable. This cable is designed to provide high quality audio and video performance without interference. It is ideal for use with high-end home entertainment systems such as televisions, receivers and Blu-ray players.

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