Display Raise

When it comes to using electronic devices, it is important to ensure good ergonomics. A monitor riser can be a useful tool for this. This type of product is designed to place the screen of a computer, laptop or television at the correct height, so that the user has a comfortable viewing position.

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At Ates.tv, the specialist in consumer electronics, different types of screen risers are available. For example, there are risers that are suitable for a single screen, but also risers on which multiple screens can be placed. In addition, there are boosters with extra functions, such as a built-in USB hub or a drawer for storing small accessories.

These screen risers are suitable for different types of electronic products. For example, they can be used for desktop computers, laptops, televisions and even game consoles. By placing the screen at the correct height, the strain on the neck and back is reduced and you can work or watch more comfortably.

Monitor risers are not only suitable for home use, but also for the office. Many companies use these products to ensure an ergonomic workplace for their employees. This can contribute to higher productivity and less absenteeism.

In short, a screen riser is a useful tool to improve the ergonomics of electronic products. At Ates.tv, different types of risers are available that are suitable for different applications. Whether for home use or at the office, a screen riser allows you to work more comfortably and ergonomically.