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The 'Data Cable' category includes a wide variety of cables used to connect electronic devices and transfer data. These cables are designed to provide fast and reliable data transfer, making them indispensable for modern electronics.

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USB-C datakabel - 1.5 meter - Zilver - Allteq
USB-C data cable - 1.5 meter - Silver - Allteq
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USB-C datakabel - 1.5 meter - Zwart - Allteq
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Nullmodem datakabel - 2 meter - Allteq
Null modem data cable - 2 meters - Allteq
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USB naar seriële datakabel - Transparant - 1 meter - Allteq
USB to serial data cable - Transparent - 1 meter - Allteq
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This category typically includes products such as USB cables, HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, and Thunderbolt cables. These cables are used to connect computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and other electronic devices and exchange data.

For example, a USB cable is a common data cable used to transfer data between computers and other devices, such as smartphones and cameras. HDMI cables are used to transfer video and audio data between devices such as televisions, laptops, and game consoles. Ethernet cables are used to connect computers and other devices and access the Internet.

These cables are essential for the functioning of modern electronics. They enable data to be transferred quickly and reliably, enabling users to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

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These cables are of high quality and are designed to last. They come in a variety of lengths and styles, making it easy to find the right cable for your specific needs.

Whether you're at home or on the go, these data cables make it easy to connect and transfer data. Whether you're giving a presentation at work or just want to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, these cables are indispensable for modern electronics.

So what are you waiting for? Go to and discover the wide range of data cables available now. Whether you're a professional looking for the latest technology or a consumer who just needs a reliable cable, has everything you need to stay connected and transfer data.