Angled C7 Plug

Right Angle C7 Plug - A technical term referring to a property of electronic devices and cables. This type of plug is known for its angled shape, which makes it easy to plug in in tight spaces.

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The Angled C7 Plug is a common plug used in various types of electronic devices. Think for example of televisions, laptops, game consoles and other electronic devices that use a power cable. This plug is often used in conjunction with a C7 cable, which is also known as a "figure 8" cable because of the shape of the connector on the other side of the cable.

The Angled C7 Plug is a handy solution for people who have to deal with limited space behind their electronic devices. The angled shape of the plug allows the plug to be easily placed in tight spaces, without the need for space between the wall and the device. This makes it easier to store the device and gives it a neater and tidy appearance.

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