Ivory is a term often used in the world of electronics. It refers to an important property of electronic devices and cables, namely the insulation value. Ivory stands for a high insulation value and is therefore often used in products that are sensitive to faults and electromagnetic interference.

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Network coupler Cat 5 - RJ45 - Ivory - Allteq
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There are several types of electronic products that generally fall into this category. Think, for example, of cables for audio and video applications, such as HDMI cables and RCA cables. Products with a high insulation value, such as coaxial cables and fiber optic cables, are also often used in the world of telecommunications.

Another example of products that often use ivory is high-end audio equipment and speakers. These products often suffer from disturbances and electromagnetic interference, which can affect the quality of the sound. By using cables and other components with a high insulation value, the quality of the sound can be improved and interference can be prevented.

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