Conceal Cable Box For Cables

Are you also fed up with all those loose cables that swing through your living room? Then a cable box for getting rid of cords is the perfect solution for you! At, the specialist in consumer electronics, we have a wide range of cable boxes that ensure that your cables stay neat and organized.

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A cable box is a handy tool to neatly hide all the cables from your electronic equipment. These types of products are suitable for all kinds of electronic products, such as televisions, computers, speakers, game consoles and much more.

The cable boxes are available in different sizes and colours, so that you will always find a variant that matches your interior and equipment. For example, we have a white cable box that fits perfectly with a modern interior, but also a black variant that looks great in an industrial interior.

When you use a cable box, you no longer have to worry about cables lying around. Your living room immediately looks a lot tidier and you avoid tripping over loose cords. In addition, a cable box ensures that your equipment lasts longer, because the cables do not get tangled and damaged.

A cable box is not only useful for home use, but also at work or in a meeting room. In this way, all cables of computers, beamers and other equipment remain neatly in place and there is less chance of malfunctions and problems.

At we only have the best cable boxes in our range. For example, we have the König cable box, which is suitable for a maximum of 6 cables and is equipped with a handy flap. We also have the Valueline cable box, which is suitable for a maximum of 8 cables and has an anti-slip bottom.

In short, a cable box is an indispensable tool for anyone who likes a tidy living room and wants to keep their equipment tidy. At we have a wide range of cable boxes, so that you will always find a variant that suits your needs. Order your cable box now at and enjoy a tidy and organized living room!