Cable Clip 10 Mm Black -100 Pcs.

Cable clip 10 Mm Black -100 St.: the perfect solution for an organized cable situation. These cable clips are specially designed to keep cables in place and prevent them from tangling. With a diameter of 10 mm, they are suitable for a wide variety of cables, including USB cables, HDMI cables, power cables and more.

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Kabelclip 10 mm zwart -100 st. - Allteq
Cable clip 10 mm black -100 pcs. - Allteq
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These cable clips are ideal for use in a wide variety of electronic products including computers, televisions, stereos and game consoles. If you have a cable mess, then these cable clips are the perfect solution to keep your cables neat and organized.

The cable clips are made of high quality plastic and are easy to install. They are designed to stay firmly in place and keep your cables safe and organized. With a pack of 100 pieces you have enough cable clips to organize all your cables.

These cable clips are not only useful for home use, but also for the office. If you have a large number of computers or other electronic devices, it can be a challenge to keep all the cables neat and organized. With these cable clips you can ensure that all cables stay in place and that your office looks neat and organized.

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In short, if you are looking for a solution to keep your cables neat and organized, these cable clips from are the perfect choice. With their high quality and ease of use, they are the ideal solution for home use and the office. Order today and enjoy an organized and tidy cable situation.