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At you will find an extensive selection of electronic products that fall under the category 'Male Female'. This is a technical term that refers to the ability of a device or cable to connect to another device or cable of the opposite sex.

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SMA kabel - RG-174 - male female
SMA cable - RG-174 - male female
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Typically, products such as cables, adapters, and connectors fall under this category. These products are designed to easily connect between different devices and are therefore essential for the seamless and efficient operation of your electronics.

An example of a product that falls under this category is the HDMI cable. This cable connects a device with an HDMI output to a device with an HDMI input. For example, this can be a connection between a laptop and a television, so that you can view the image from your laptop on a larger screen.

Another example of a product in this category is the USB adapter. This adapter connects a USB device to a device with a different port, such as an HDMI port. This allows you, for example, to connect a USB stick to a television to view photos or videos.

These products are not only useful for home use, but also for professional applications. For example in the audiovisual industry, where different devices have to be connected to a mixer or projector.

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