Foldable is a term used to describe the property of an electronic device or cable that it can be easily folded and stored. This is an important feature for people who travel a lot and need to take their electronic devices and cables with them.

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Typically, products such as foldable headphones, foldable charging cables, and foldable phone holders fall into this category. These products are designed to be easy to fold and store, making them ideal for people who travel a lot or are on the go.

For example, foldable headphones are perfect for people who travel a lot by public transport or plane. They are easy to fold and fit in a small bag or backpack. Foldable charging cables are a convenient solution for people who need to charge their phone or tablet while on the go. They are compact and fit easily in a bag or pocket.

Foldable phone holders are also useful for people on the go. They're ideal for use in the car or on the bike and make it easy to keep your phone safe and stable while you're out and about.

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