Orange is a technical term often used in the world of electronic devices and cables. This term refers to a property of the product, namely the color orange. Orange is often used as a signal color for various types of electronics.

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The orange category usually includes various types of electronic products, such as cables, adapters, and connectors. These products are often used to transfer signals between different devices, such as televisions, computers, and audio equipment.

An example of a product that falls into the orange category is the orange HDMI cable. This cable is used to transfer high-definition video and audio signals between different devices, such as a television and a Blu-ray player. Another example is the orange ethernet cable, which is used to transfer internet connections between different devices, such as computers and routers.

The orange category is of great importance in the world of electronics, because these products are often used in various applications. For example, orange cables are used in professional audio and video studios, but also in home theaters and gaming systems.

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