Schuko is a term used to indicate a certain property of electronic devices or cables. It stands for "Schutzkontakt", which is German for "protective earth". This means that the plug of the device or cable has an extra pin that is designed to connect the earth to the socket. This reduces the risk of electric shock and ensures the safety of the device and the user.

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Typically, electronic products such as computers, televisions, audio equipment, and home appliances fall into this category. This is because these devices are often used in an environment where there is a risk of electrostatic discharge or other electrical problems. The Schuko feature allows these devices to be used safely without risk of damage or injury.

At, the specialist in consumer electronics, different types of Schuko products are available. For example, Schuko plugs, Schuko cables and Schuko split plugs are available. These products are of high quality and meet European safety standards.

Schuko products are typically used in households, offices and other commercial environments. For example, in an office environment, a computer can be plugged into a Schuko power outlet to ensure that the computer operates safely and reliably. In a domestic environment, a television or audio equipment can be connected to a Schuko socket to prevent damage from electrostatic discharges.

In short, Schuko is an important property of electronic devices and cables that ensures safe and reliable use. At, various Schuko products are available that meet the highest safety standards. Whether you want to connect a household appliance or an office appliance, you will find the perfect Schuko solution at