Solder is a term commonly used in the electronics industry and refers to the process of attaching two metal parts together through a molten metal bond. This process is vital when making electronic devices and cables, as it ensures a strong and reliable connection between the various components.

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Jack stekker - 3.5 mm - Soldeer - Zwart - Allteq
Jack plug - 3.5 mm - Solder - Black - Allteq
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In the Solder category you will find a wide range of products needed for soldering different types of electronic devices and cables. This includes soldering irons, soldering wire, soldering stations and other accessories needed to complete a successful soldering job. These products are essential for anyone involved in the manufacture or repair of electronics, whether hobbyists or professionals.

Some examples of the types of electronic products that fall into this category are printed circuit boards, cables, switches, transistors, diodes and other components required for the operation of electronic devices. These products are used in a wide variety of applications, including computers, smartphones, televisions, audio equipment, lighting systems and more.

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