Surface is a term used to describe the properties of an electronic device or cable. It refers to the surface of the device or cable and can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

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Typically, products such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and cables fall into the Surface category. These products are designed to have a smooth and flat surface, which improves the ease of use and durability of the product. For example, a smooth surface ensures that a laptop or tablet can be cleaned easily and that the screen is less likely to be scratched.

Surface products can be found all around us and are used in different situations. For example, laptops and tablets are often used in offices, schools and at home to work or study. Smartphones have become indispensable gadgets and are used to communicate, navigate and entertain. Cables are used to connect different devices, such as a laptop with a printer or a television with a sound bar.

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