USB-A Cable

Usb A Cables are an indispensable part of modern electronics. These cables are used to transfer data between different devices and are therefore of great importance for both home and business applications. At, the specialist in consumer electronics, these cables are now available in various lengths and designs.

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Usb A Cables are suitable for a wide range of electronic products, including computers, laptops, printers, smartphones, tablets, cameras and much more. These cables are designed to transfer data via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard, which guarantees a fast and reliable connection between different devices.

One of the main advantages of USB-A cables is the speed at which data can be transferred. With speeds of up to 480 Mbps, large files can be transferred in no time. This makes these cables ideal for business applications where large amounts of data need to be transferred.

In addition, Usb A Cables are also very useful for home use. These cables can be used, for example, to transfer photos and videos from a camera to a computer or to transfer music files to a smartphone or tablet. These cables are also useful for charging a smartphone via a computer or socket.

At USB-A Cables are available in different lengths and designs. For example, there are short cables of 0.5 meters that are useful for use at short distances, but also long cables of 3 meters that are ideal for use at longer distances. In addition, there are also cables with different connectors, such as USB A to USB B or USB A to Micro-USB.

In short, USB-A cables are an indispensable part of modern electronics. At, these cables are now available in different lengths and designs. Whether you are a professional who needs to transfer large amounts of data or a home user who wants to transfer files from one device to another, USB-A Cables ensure a fast and reliable connection.