Vesa 75/100/200/400X200

Vesa 75/100/200/400X200 is a technical term used to indicate the dimensions of the mounting points on the back of an electronic device. These types of mounting points are also called VESA mounts and are intended to attach the device to a wall bracket or stand.

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Typically, televisions, monitors, and projectors fall into this category. These devices all have mounting points on the back that comply with the VESA standard. This allows them to be easily mounted on a wall bracket or stand that also complies with the VESA standard.

Using VESA mounting points offers many advantages. For example, it saves space in the room because the device does not have to be placed on a table or cabinet. In addition, the device can be mounted at an ideal viewing height for an optimal viewing experience.

At, the specialist in consumer electronics, various products are available that meet the VESA standard. For example, we offer wall brackets and stands that are suitable for different VESA dimensions. Our products are of high quality and are supplied with the necessary mounting materials.

VESA mounting points are widely used in living rooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms and offices. For example, a television can be mounted on the wall in the living room for an optimal viewing experience. A monitor can be mounted on a stand in the office for an ergonomic workplace. And a projector can be mounted on the ceiling in a meeting room for a professional presentation.

In short, if you are looking for a solution to mount your electronic devices in a simple and practical way, the VESA mounting points are the ideal solution. At you will find everything you need to mount your devices in a safe and professional manner.