XLR is a technical term that refers to a type of connector commonly used in the audio and video world. This type of connector is designed to provide a reliable and high quality connection between various electronic devices and cables.

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There are several types of electronic products that commonly use XLR connectors, including microphones, speakers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, and more. These products are commonly used in professional audio and video studios, concert halls, theatres, conference rooms and many other locations where high-quality audio and video performance is essential.

An example of a product that uses XLR connectors is the Shure SM58 dynamic microphone. This microphone is a popular choice among professional singers and speakers due to its clear and powerful sound reproduction. The XLR connector on the SM58 provides a reliable connection to the audio equipment and ensures that the sound from the microphone remains clear and undistorted.

Another example of a product that uses XLR connectors is the QSC K12.2 active loudspeaker. This loudspeaker is designed for professional audio applications and offers high sound quality and reliable performance. The XLR input on the K12.2 ensures a high-quality signal transfer from the audio equipment to the speaker, keeping the sound clear and powerful.

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