Allteq - Open end connection cable with switch - Euro plug - 1.5 meter - Black


Are you looking for a reliable power cord for your electronic devices? Then the Allteq open end connection cable with switch is definitely something for you! This power cord is 1.5 meters long and has a Euro plug. It is perfect for connecting your electronic devices to the power outlet.

This power cord is of high quality and is made of H03VVH2-F 2x0.75mm² cable type. It has two cores with a diameter of 0.75mm² and can handle a voltage of 230 Volt AC - 2.5 Ampere. It also has a flexible core, making it easy to use and not likely to break.

With the switch on the power cord you can easily turn your devices on and off without having to unplug the power cord. This is not only convenient, but also safe. You can now easily switch off your appliances when you are not using them, saving energy and making your appliances last longer.

This power cord is suitable for various types of electronic devices, such as computers, printers, televisions, and much more. It is also useful for connecting lighting or other household appliances. It is a versatile and essential part of your household.

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In short, if you are looking for a reliable and versatile power cord for your electronic devices, the Allteq open end power cord with switch is definitely for you. Order it today at and enjoy the best quality and service!