DVI-D cable - Dual link - Gold plated - 1 meter - Black - Allteq


The Allteq DVI-D cable is a high-quality cable suitable for transferring digital signals between devices with DVI-D connections. This cable has a length of 1 meter and is gold plated, which ensures a stable and reliable connection.

The Dual link (24+1 pin) version of this cable is designed to support higher resolutions and refresh rates than the Single link version. This makes this cable ideal for use with high-end monitors, gaming PCs and other devices that require high performance.

The Allteq DVI-D cable is also very suitable for use in professional environments, such as in the graphics industry, where color accuracy and image quality are critical. The gold-plated connectors provide a stable and reliable connection and reduce signal loss, resulting in a clear and sharp image.

This cable is also ideal for home use, such as connecting a computer to an HDTV or projector. The black color of the cable ensures that it blends well with most devices and environments.

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