Plug socket - 3-way - White - 1.5 meter - Allteq


The 3-way power strip from Allteq is a handy and reliable device for all your electronic needs. With a length of 1.5 meters and a capacity of up to 3500 W, this power strip is suitable for indoor use. The cable type of 3G1.5 mm² H05VV-F 4-75 and the maximum load of 220-240 / AC 50-60Hz make it a safe and efficient choice.

This power strip is ideal for use in offices, homes and commercial spaces where multiple electronic devices need to be connected. It provides a convenient solution to connect all your electronic devices without worrying about overload or short circuit.

The Allteq power strip is designed with the highest quality materials. The ABS housing and steel ground contact provide a durable and sturdy design. The screw thread ensures a secure attachment of the socket. The white color matches any interior and adds a touch of elegance.

This power strip is certified by KEMA, TUV GS, S, CE, which means it meets the highest quality and safety standards. It is a reliable and efficient choice for all your electronic needs.

At, the specialist in consumer electronics, you can now buy this 3-way power strip from Allteq. Order before 22:00 and receive it the next day. Make your life easier and safer with this handy and reliable power strip from Allteq.