Cat 5e - U/UTP - Network cable - Patch cable - Internet cable - 1 Gbps - 3 meters - Red - Allteq


Looking for a reliable and high-quality network cable? Look no further than the Cat 5e U/UTP network cable from Allteq, now available from consumer electronics specialist Designed for speed and reliability, this cable is the perfect solution for all your networking needs.

With a speed of 1 Gbps and a length of 3 meters, this cable is perfect for home or office use. Whether you need an internet connection for your computer, laptop or game console, this internet cable will not let you down.

The Cat 5e U/UTP network cable is equipped with high-quality connections, so that you are assured of a stable connection. The PVC coating provides additional protection against wear and damage, so you can rest assured that your cable will last a long time.

This patch cable is also available in a striking red color, making it not only practical, but also stylish. It's a great way to spice up your network setup and add a touch of personality.

Allteq's Cat 5e U/UTP network cable is not only a great choice for home or office use, but is also widely used in data centers and server rooms. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for connecting servers, switches, routers and other network equipment.

In short, if you are looking for a high-quality network cable that offers speed, reliability and style, the Cat 5e U/UTP network cable from Allteq is the perfect choice. And don't forget, you can now buy this cable from, the consumer electronics specialist. Order today and experience the benefits of this great cable!