Allteq - Socket with switch - 6-fold - 3 meters - Black


Are you looking for a reliable and safe power strip with switch? Then the Allteq socket with switch is the perfect solution for you! This power strip is 6-way and has a length of 3 meters, which means that you can connect several devices to one socket at the same time.

The Allteq plug socket is not only convenient to use, but also very safe. Thanks to the child lock, you don't have to worry about small children playing with the power strip. The power strip is also equipped with a switch, so that you can easily switch the connected devices on and off.

The power strip is suitable for mains power and has a maximum load of 230V/16A. This means that you can connect most electronic devices without any problems. The socket has a Schuko male connection on one side and a Schuko female connection on the other side.

The Allteq power strip with switch is not only useful for home use, but also in the office, workshop or other locations where multiple devices need to be connected to one power outlet. Due to the length of 3 meters you can easily place the power strip in a desired location and you do not have to worry about cables that are too short.

At, the specialist in consumer electronics, you can now purchase the Allteq socket with switch in black. Order today and take advantage of our fast delivery and excellent customer service. With the Allteq socket with switch you can be sure that you can connect your electronic devices safely and efficiently.