Jack extension cable - Allteq


The Jack extension cable from Allteq is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a reliable way to extend the range of their audio devices. At 1 meter in length, this cable is long enough to extend the distance between your headphones and your device, giving you more freedom of movement and more comfortable listening.

This extension cable has a stereo jack 3.5 mm male connection on one side and a jack 3.5 mm female connection on the other side. This means you can use this cable to connect a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players and more.

Another useful feature of this Jack extension cable is the built-in volume control. It allows you to adjust the volume of your audio device without having to touch the device itself. This is especially useful if you don't have your device nearby or if you want to quickly adjust the volume while listening to music or watching a video.

The Jack extension cable from Allteq is a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys listening to music or watching videos. Whether you're at home, on the road or working in the office, this cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to listen to what you want, wherever you are.

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