Optical Audio cable - Toslink and spdif - Goobay - 3 meters


The Optical Audio cable from Goobay is a high-quality cable that has been specially designed to get the best sound out of your home cinema system. With a length of 3 meters, this cable is perfect for connecting your audio equipment to your television or home cinema system. The cable is equipped with 2x Toslink male connections and has a diameter of 6 mm.

This optical digital audio cable is made of high-quality materials and has sturdy, partly metal connectors. This ensures a stable and reliable connection between your audio equipment and your television or home cinema system. The cable is provided with optical fiber conductor material and has a round cable type. This ensures that the cable is flexible and easy to install.

The Optical Audio cable from Goobay is not only suitable for connecting your home cinema system, but can also be used for other audio applications. For example, you can use this cable to connect your computer or laptop to your audio system. This cable is also suitable for connecting your game console to your television.

This cable is RoHS compliant and has the CE and WEEE quality mark. This means that the cable complies with the European directives for electronic equipment and that it is safe and reliable. At Ates.tv, the specialist in consumer electronics, you can now obtain this high-quality Optical Audio cable from Goobay. Order today and enjoy the best sound from your home cinema system!