Loudspeaker cable - 0.75mm² - 25 meters - On reel - Allteq


The Speaker Cable from Allteq is a high quality cable specially designed for audio enthusiasts looking for excellent sound quality. With a core thickness of 0.75mm² and a length of 25 meters, this cable offers optimum performance for connecting speakers to amplifiers, receivers and other audio equipment.

The cable is made of OFC (99.99% copper), which ensures excellent conductivity of the audio signal. This not only makes the sound clearer and more detailed, but also fuller and more powerful. The transparent PVC jacket protects the cable against damage and provides a sleek and professional appearance.

The Loudspeaker Cable from Allteq is suitable for many applications, such as connecting loudspeakers in home theater systems, stereo systems and sound systems for events. This cable is also widely used in the professional audio industry, for example when setting up concerts and festivals.

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