Loudspeaker cable - 4.0mm² - 100 meters - On reel - Allteq


Are you looking for a high quality speaker cable? Then look no further, because the Allteq loudspeaker cable is exactly what you need! This cable has a core cross-section of 4.0mm² and is no less than 100 meters long, which means that you have enough cable to connect your speakers at any desired location.

The Allteq speaker cable is made of OFC (99.99% copper), which ensures that signal loss is minimal and the sound of your speakers remains of high quality. The jacket of the cable is made of transparent PVC, which ensures that the cable not only looks good, but is also durable and resistant to wear and damage.

This cable is perfectly suited for use in a variety of situations. For example, it can be used in a home theater where the cables must be routed from the speakers to the amplifier. In addition, it is also suitable for use in a music studio, where it is important to keep signal loss to a minimum and to keep the sound of high quality.

The Allteq loudspeaker cable is now available at Ates.tv, the specialist in consumer electronics. You can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product that will meet all your needs. Order your Allteq loudspeaker cable today and enjoy great sound quality!