USB extension cable 2.0 - Black - 1.8 meter - Allteq


Are you looking for a high quality USB extension cable? Then is the right place for you! We offer you the Allteq USB extension cable 2.0 in black with a length of 1.8 meters. This cable is perfect for extending your USB devices and bridging distances between your computer and peripherals.

The Allteq USB extension cable 2.0 is equipped with a USB A male connection on one side and a USB A female connection on the other side. This allows you to easily plug in and connect your USB devices to your computer. The cable is black and has a length of 1.8 meters, which gives you plenty of room to move and allows you to place your devices at a comfortable distance.

This USB extension cable is of the highest quality and meets the 2.0 High Speed ​​specifications. This means you can enjoy fast and reliable data transfer between your devices. Whether you want to transfer files, stream videos or play games, this cable ensures a stable and fast connection.

In addition, the Allteq USB extension cable 2.0 is very durable and reliable. The cable is made of high quality materials and is designed to last. The cable is also very flexible and easy to bend, making it easy to store and carry.

This USB extension cable is suitable for a wide range of applications and is often used in offices, home workplaces, schools, laboratories and other professional environments. It is also an ideal solution for gamers and home users who want to connect their USB devices to their computer.

In short, if you are looking for a reliable, durable and high-quality USB extension cable, then the Allteq USB extension cable 2.0 in black with a length of 1.8 meters is the perfect choice. Order it now from, the specialist in consumer electronics, and enjoy a fast and reliable connection between your USB devices and computer.