Wall socket - Cat 5e - Surface mounted - White - Allteq


Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality wall socket for your network connection? Then the Allteq Wall Socket Cat 5e Surface Mounted White is the perfect choice for you. This wall socket is specially designed for use with Cat 5e network cables and offers excellent shielding to prevent faults and interference.

With its LSA plug-in input and 2x RJ45 female outputs, this wall socket is ideal for use in offices, homes, schools and other locations where a fast and reliable network connection is required. For example, you can use this wall socket to share your internet connection with other computers in your office or home network.

The surface mount makes it easy to install this wall outlet on a wall or other surface, making it an ideal choice for both new installations and upgrades to existing networks. You can therefore easily add this wall socket to your existing network, without having to make drastic changes.

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So what are you waiting for? Order your Allteq Wall Socket Cat 5e Surface Mounted White today at Ates.tv and enjoy a fast and reliable network connection wherever you are. Whether you work at home or on the road, you are always connected with this wall socket.