Allteq - Socket splitter - 2-fold - White


The Allteq Power Socket Splitter is the perfect solution for households and offices where there never seems to be enough power outlets. With this handy 2-way splitter you can easily convert your single socket into two, allowing you to connect more devices without the hassle of extension cords and power strips.

This splitter is designed for use with mains power and has a maximum load of 250V/2.3A, meaning it is safe to use with most home appliances. Connection 1 is a Euro male, while Connection 2 has two Euro female connections, allowing you to connect two devices using the same splitter.

This splitter is not only handy, but also stylish. The white design fits perfectly with any interior and looks neat in your sockets. Its compact size also makes it easy to take with you when you travel, so you always have extra power outlets to hand when you need them.

The Allteq Power Socket Splitter is a great solution for home use, offices, bedrooms, living rooms and even hotels. It's the perfect solution for connecting your laptop, phone, tablet, lamps, and other electronic devices.

If you are looking for a reliable and stylish way to expand your sockets, the Allteq Socket splitter is the perfect choice. And best of all, you can now buy this product from, the consumer electronics specialist. Order today and enjoy more convenience and functionality in your home or office!