Power strip - 6-way - no cable - White


Are you looking for a power strip that is both functional and stylish? Then look no further! Ates.tv now offers a 6-way power strip in white, without connection cable. This power strip is perfect for households where multiple electronic devices are used and there is a need for extra sockets.

With 6 schuko connections, this power strip offers enough space for all your electronic devices, such as your television, computer, speakers and game console. The current of 16 A ensures that you can use several devices at the same time without worrying about overload. In addition, the voltage of 230 V is suitable for most household appliances.

This power strip is not only functional, but also stylish. The white design fits perfectly with any interior and provides a neat and tidy appearance. No more messy cables that are scattered everywhere, but an organized and clear whole.

This power strip is ideal for use in your living room, bedroom, study or office. For example, you can use it to connect your television, soundbar, game console and lamps in your living room. Or to connect your computer, printer and other office equipment in your study or office. It is also useful to take this power strip with you on a trip, so that you always have enough sockets in your hotel room.

At Ates.tv we specialize in consumer electronics and offer only the best products. This power strip is a must-have for every household and is now available at Ates.tv. Order today and enjoy the benefits of this 6-way power strip without cable in white!