C13 appliance cable - Black - 10 meters - Allteq


Allteq's C13 appliance cord is a reliable and durable cable suitable for various applications. This cord has a length of no less than 10 meters, making it ideal for use in larger rooms or in places where the sockets are not close by. The cable has a stylish black color and therefore fits well with different types of equipment.

This device cord is made of high-quality materials and is therefore resistant to intensive use. The cable has a maximum load capacity of 230V/10A and is therefore suitable for various types of equipment. The connection on one side of the cable is fitted with a Schuko male plug, while a C13 female plug is attached to the other side.

Allteq's C13 appliance cord is ideally suited for use in offices, workshops, laboratories, hospitals and other environments where reliable and safe power supply is of great importance. This cord can be used, for example, to connect computers, printers, servers, medical equipment and other electrical devices.

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