Scart cable - 5 meters - Allteq


Are you looking for a reliable, high-quality Scart cable? Then is the right place for you! We offer you the 5 meter Allteq Scart cable, which is perfect for connecting your audio and video components.

With this Scart cable you can easily connect your television, DVD player, video recorder or game console to other devices. The cable has a Scart male connection at both ends and is equipped with an angled connector, so you can easily connect it in hard-to-reach places. The length of 5 meters ensures that you have enough space to place your devices in the desired place.

The Allteq Scart cable is known for its excellent quality and reliability. It is made of high quality materials and has been carefully designed to ensure you always get the best signal. This cable is suitable for both analog and digital signals and provides a clear and sharp image and sound.

The Allteq Scart cable of 5 meters is perfect for use in different situations. For example, you can use it to connect your television to your DVD player or video recorder, so that you can watch your favorite films and series. The cable is also ideal for connecting game consoles, so you can enjoy the best gaming experience.

In short, the 5 meter Allteq Scart cable is a reliable and high quality cable that is perfect for connecting your audio and video components. Order it today at, the specialist in consumer electronics!