Allteq - Euro to C7 device cord - Curly cord - 2 meters - Black


Are you looking for a reliable and safe way to connect your electronic devices? Then the Allteq Euro to C7 device cord is the perfect solution for you. This coiled cord is 2 meters long and has a black color, making it a perfect match for your interior.

The Allteq Euro to C7 appliance cord is made of high quality materials and meets the highest quality standards. The cord is KEMA KEUR and VDE approved, which means that it meets European safety standards. This ensures that you don't have to worry about the security of your devices and enjoy a worry-free user experience.

This device cord is suitable for various electronic devices, such as laptops, printers, televisions and other devices with a Euro-8 jack. It is a common cord in households and offices around the world. It is also useful for people who travel often, as the cord can be easily stored in a bag or briefcase.

The Allteq Euro to C7 appliance cord has a coiled cord, which means that the cord is flexible and can be stretched up to 2 metres. This makes the cord suitable for different situations and environments. The coiled cord also ensures that the cord does not get tangled and can be easily stored.

This product is now available from, the specialist in consumer electronics. At you can rest assured that you will always receive the best products and service. The Allteq Euro to C7 appliance cord is a great addition to your collection of electronics accessories and will serve you for years to come. Order it now and enjoy the benefits of this high-quality appliance cord!