Redragon Kala K557 RGB Gaming Keyboard


The Redragon Kala K557 RGB Gaming Keyboard is a must-have for any gamer looking for a comfortable, durable and functional keyboard. This wired keyboard has a full layout with numpad, arrow and media keys. It features blue switches that provide a light feel to the fingers, but a heavy impact on the game.

This gaming keyboard is now available at, the specialist in consumer electronics. The keyboard is ergonomically designed with a comfortable wrist rest and dual-injected keys that feel great on the fingertips. It is made of high quality (Air Craft Grade) aluminum and ABS, making it durable and sturdy.

The RGB lighting with 7 colors of light provides an atmospheric and immersive gaming experience. The keyboard features 6 color themes, 18 modes and effects that can be customized via the keyboard drivers.

This keyboard also has 100% anti-ghosting conflict-free keys, so you always stay in control while gaming. The blue switches have a mechanism that ensures that a key is already pressed at low resistance. This allows for faster and more agile typing and gaming.

The standard blue switches are easy to disconnect and replace. The keyboard comes with 8 switches that you can change yourself using the key puller.

This keyboard is ideal for gamers who want to spend long hours in comfort. The wrist rest and ergonomic design ensure a relaxed posture while gaming. The Redragon Kala K557 RGB Gaming Keyboard is suitable for both novice and experienced gamers and can be used for different types of games such as FPS, MMO, MOBA and more.

In short, if you are looking for a durable, comfortable and functional gaming keyboard with RGB lighting and blue switches, the Redragon Kala K557 RGB Gaming Keyboard is the perfect choice. Order it now at, the specialist in consumer electronics.




Type of switch

Blue Switches

Number of keys


Anti Ghosting

Completely conflict free


ABS, Aluminum (Air Craft Grade)

Cable length

1.5 meters

Media keys

Yes, 12 keys




USB Gold under siege


Mac, Windows