Redragon Titanboa M802 RGB Gaming Mouse


The Redragon Titanboa M802 RGB Gaming Mouse is a wired gaming mouse that is very popular among gamers because of its accuracy and speed. The ergonomic grip of the mouse ensures that you can game comfortably without getting a burden on your hands. In addition, the mouse has a cool look that fits perfectly with any gaming set-up.

The mouse's RGB lighting adds an extra dimension to your gaming experience. The colors of the lighting are programmable, so you can fully adapt the mouse to your personal preferences.

The Redragon Titanboa M802 has 9 programmable buttons that give you extra functionality while gaming. The DPI is adjustable up to 12000, which means you can adjust the speed of the mouse to suit your playing style. The mouse also has 5 memory modes, so you can quickly switch between the desired settings.

This durable gaming mouse lasts a long time with up to 20 million clicks. This means you can enjoy your gaming mouse for a long time to come and you don't have to worry about replacing the mouse.

The 1.80 long cable is equipped with a gold plated USB connection. This is anti-corrosive, so that it remains in perfect condition and the cable is extra fast due to optimal conductivity.

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